By default SharePoint doesn’t support FTP let alone SFTP. However, there is a simple method to configure SharePoint as an FTP / SFTP server. This involves using Couchdrop which is a virtual file system fabric that sits on top of cloud storage such as SharePoint. It is simple to setup and you can hit the ground running in less than a minute.

Configure SharePoint as FTP / SFTP server steps:

  • Create Couchdrop account
  • Connect your SharePoint account and specify a site
  • Create additional users
  • Connect via SFTP / FTP

Navigate to and create a Couchdrop account. …

SFTP (or FTP) is not supported by the Microsoft suite (SharePoint and OneDrive) natively. Incredibly, even though SFTP (FTP) is such a legacy protocol, it is still widely used and required in this modern day. SFTP is primarily for file sharing between organisations, but also for workflow automation and backups.

To summarise this article, the steps to configure SFTP/FTP for O365 SharePoint and OneDrive are:

  • Create a Couchdrop account
  • Connect your SharePoint or OneDrive and specify the root directory
  • Create additional users with granular permissions and directory access
  • SFTP/FTP using the credentials created via or
sharepoint ftp /sftp
sharepoint ftp /sftp
Couchdrop — virtual file system fabric for cloud storage

There aren’t many…

By default Filecamp does not support SFTP or FTP, in fact it has a lot of media stating how these traditional file transfer methods are obsolete. However, a lot of technology and industries still rely heavily on these protocols. This guide will run you through how to configure SFTP/FTP for Filecamp using Couchdrop’s Cloud SFTP/FTP server.

Navigate to and create an account

filecamp sftp
filecamp sftp
Configure a Couchdrop Cloud SFTP / FTP account

Within Filecamp head to (where domain is your Filecamp domain prefix). You should be provided a screenshot as below:

Microsoft SharePoint has moved forward and replaced the traditional file server, unfortunately due to the way it has modernized the way of working it no longer supports traditional file transfer protocols such as SFTP or FTP. For finance and healthcare companies this can remove key functionality to securely send and receive files.

This is where Couchdrop can help. Couchdrop is a cloud SFTP/FTP server that enables you to use your SharePoint as backend storage. Couchdrop enables you to access specific sites or paths via SFTP, FTP and other means (email, API, SCP, Rsync, secure web portal). …

For many organizations the consideration of moving their documents and files into enterprise cloud storage such as SharePoint and Dropbox is a priority. This priority has been driven not only for companies wishing to stay agile and flexible, but primarily due to the remote work phase that has taken place since COVID-19. Having a legacy file server sitting in a data centre or a cabinet in an office has been seen to be unproductive and costly for organizations looking to enable their remote workforce. From a productivity view, the inability to easily collaborate with a file server hinders teams as…

Google Drive migrations are straightforward and simple in contrast to migrating into the likes of SharePoint. Although there are a couple things to consider prior to migrating a single file. We will briefly cover six key items to keep in mind prior to migrating into Google Drive, whether you have 5 users or 100,000 or 500GB or 300TB, these five items apply.

migrating to google drive
migrating to google drive

Before migrating your organisation and its content into Google Drive you need to consider the following:

  1. Migration timeframe.
  2. Amount of files you are hoping to migrate into a Shared Drive.
  3. Total amount of data to migrate
  4. Infrastructure requirements

If you need a fast data migration tool then you need to consider not only the time it takes to transfer data, but the cost of standing up the infrastructure and your engineering time to get the migration going, as well as dealing with any errors, failures or bumps in the road. Movebot is a fully hosted tool that is simple and fast to setup and can migrate 10TBs or millions of files into the likes of Google Drive within a day.

fast cloud data migrations
fast cloud data migrations

When looking at migration tools and the speed they can migrate data you need to take into consideration…

When you are deciding on a content migration tool to migrate data into the likes of Google Drive, SharePoint, Dropbox or even block storage you need to consider the requirements of the tools and what is actually required before you can consider migrating a single file or user. A lot of tools require you to host their software within cloud infrastructure such a GCP, or Azure which induces further costs on top of the licensing cost you’re already paying for. This also adds additional support complexity and creates barriers when it comes to migrating data.

Considering we’re in a cloud…

If you’re looking to transition your legacy on-premise SFTP / FTP server to the cloud then there are a few options to choose. One is standing up your own cloud infrastructure within the likes of AWS, GCP or Azure, however this has its own overheads. The other option is to look at a fully hosted and managed SaaS solution such as Couchdrop.

hosted sftp
hosted sftp
Couchdrop’s VFS and a terminal connected via SFTP

Although SFTP and FTP are traditional legacy protocols and are often running on an old server hidden in a cabinet somewhere, these protocols are still very key, especially in the healthcare and finance industries where technology often moves…

Migrating files and content into Google Drive, users or shared drives can be straightforward. There are only two limitations when migrating into Google, one being shared drive limits and the other is a daily upload limit per user, however both are easy to work with, especially compared to the likes of SharePoint that has restrictions on character types and file path lengths. Migrating out of Google is a different story, but migrating in, is very simple. Below we will cover the two limitations of Google Drive and how you can work around them or with them.

Google Drive Limitations
Google Drive Limitations

Google Drive Shared Drive…

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