How to migrate from Sharepoint Online

You’ve got all of your data sitting in O365 Sharepoint and you are looking to move your Organization or Team to Dropbox, Box, Egnyte or G-Suite — but you’ve hit a roadblock. How do you move your data from Sharepoint into your new cloud? Easy — Movebot.

Movebot is a simple and easy to use cloud storage migration tool. It’s completely self service, but with the support of humans when you need them. Movebot integrates natively with Dropbox for Business, Egnyte, Box, G-Suite and more, enabling you to easily transfer your data, to where you want it in a secure, fast manner.

  • To migrate from Sharepoint first create a Movebot account
  • Create a Job on the Movebot dashboard once you have signed in
  • Configure your Source storage as Sharepoint, hit next
  • Configure your Destination storage [Dropbox | Box | Google Drive | Egnyte], hit next
  • Enter in a name for the job, and then kick it off

For a full guide on configuring O365 Sharepoint see here.

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